BroadSQL 4.8 - Release Notes

What's new with BroadSQL 4.8?

BroadSQL 4.8 comes with the latest version to date of H2 : version 2.1.210. This H2 release is a major change. The Configuration Definition File must be upgraded accordingly, please refer to the upgrade notes further below.


Summary of change:


Installing BroadSQL 4.8

See instructions in the README.TXT file of the distribution


Upgrading from previous releases

Release 4.8 comes with a change in the format of the Configuration Definition File. Before upgrading, you must export the content of the file.

1 - From BroadSQL, run the following command in order to export the content of the CDF: 


Or specify another directory on your file system.

2 - Unzip the BroadSQL installation file into a new directory.

3 - Copy your specific and custom elements from the previous version's location into the new directory.

4 - To create the new CDF and import the content exported in step 1, open a command line and run the following command:

java -cp .;<pathToLib>h2-2.1.210.jar -url jdbc:h2:ConnectionsDefinitionFile.cdf;CIPHER=AES -user sa -password "<password>" -script CDF.sql


5 - Copy the file ConnectionsDefinitionFile.cdf into the directory /conf of your new BroadSQL installation

To test the effectiveness of the migration, run BroadSQL, you should be able to authenticate and to view all connections.

6 - Finally, delete the SQL file that was exported in step 1.


Known issues